Overclocking Tool for Mac Pro and Xserve on ZDNet

Historically, Mac systems have been somewhat behind when it comes to the customization and enhancement capabilities that PCs offer, especially in the realm of overclocking. However, with the advent of Intel-powered Macs, the landscape began to shift, albeit with a limited set of tools for this purpose.

It’s noteworthy that ZDNet’s German team has introduced the ZDNet Clock tool specifically for OS X.

This tool allows owners of Mac Pro and Xserve to enhance their system’s processor speed, front side bus, and memory frequency, which can lead to substantial performance improvements at no additional cost. However, users should proceed with caution as overclocking can overburden the hardware and potentially cause damage.

Additionally, users might experience some issues such as altered system time and complications when the system resumes from sleep mode, as the overclock settings reset after waking up. Despite these risks, those with Mac Pro or Xserve machines who are willing to push their systems might find this tool intriguing.

The ZDNet Clock tool is available as a free download from ZDNet.


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