VMWare Fusion 2 Beta 2 Now Available for Download

The team at VMWare has just released the second beta for VMWare Fusion 2.0, their acclaimed virtualization software for Mac users. This latest update introduces a plethora of enhancements, as showcased in the video above. Today, I had the opportunity to discuss these updates with VMWare, and the features are indeed impressive.

A detailed review will follow tomorrow, but for now, here are some key updates:

  • Unity 2.0 – This latest iteration of Fusion focuses on enhanced integration between Windows and Mac environments. Users can now launch Windows applications directly from the Mac dock or access Mac apps within the virtual machine. Additionally, it’s possible to synchronize folders such as Documents, Pictures, and Music between the Mac and the virtual machine.

  • Multiple Snapshots – VMWare has significantly improved the process of backing up and securing your virtual machine.

    Users can set the frequency of full system snapshots—hourly, daily, or weekly—and decide how many of these snapshots to retain.

  • Enhanced Video and Graphics – There have been upgrades in graphics and shading support, especially for Macs equipped with high-end graphics cards. Even Macs with integrated graphics can now handle 1080p HD video playback in virtual machines with reduced CPU usage.

  • Expanded OS Support – It’s now possible to run Leopard Server as a virtual machine on OS X 10.4 and 10.5, even on client devices. Although virtualizing Mac OS X client is restricted by Apple’s licensing terms, support for the latest Ubuntu release (Hardy Heron) is immediately available, featuring Unity integration.

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