Mac Finder Guide: Creating and Using Folder Shortcuts

In our ongoing Mac 101 series aimed at new users, we explore a handy feature: keyboard shortcuts for quick access to specific folders in Finder.

For instance, if you need to open your Applications folder, simply click on your desktop and simultaneously press the shift (???) and command (???) keys followed by ??? ??? A.

Instantly, your Applications folder will open.

There are shortcuts for other important folders as well:

  • Main computer directory: ??? ??? C

  • Home folder: ??? ??? H

  • Desktop folder: ??? ??? D

  • Network computers: ??? ??? K

  • Utilities folder: ??? ??? U

  • iDisk: ??? ??? I

To navigate to a specific folder on your hard drive, you can also use the shortcut ??? ??? G to open a dialog box where you can enter the desired path.



Michael Rose

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