SoundMeter App: Advanced Sound Measurement Tool for iPhone

Are you in need of straightforward sound level assessments? Perhaps you’re trying to demonstrate that your neighbor’s music is indeed loud enough to cause auditory discomfort. Faber Acoustical offers a solution with their $19.99 SoundMeter for iPhone, which utilizes the iPhone’s built-in and headset microphones.

These microphones are deemed adequate for sound level measurements due to their relatively flat frequency response.

According to their press release, “SoundMeter calculates average sound levels using fast, slow, and impulse time weightings. It also provides peak, maximum, and equivalent sound level readings.

Measurements can be taken with Flat, A, or C frequency weightings.” Understand?

While Faber points out that the SoundMeter does not conform to ANSI or IEC standards for professional sound level meters, it is still highly effective for non-professional use. They advise against using the built-in microphone on first-generation iPhones, recommending the headset microphone instead.

Michael Rose

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