Current Movies Available in NZ and Australian iTunes Stores

Residents of Australia and New Zealand, who are often the first to greet the sunrise, have long awaited the arrival of movie rentals and purchases on the iTunes store. Their patience has finally been rewarded as they can now enjoy a wide selection of films on the platform. Both Aussie and Kiwi users of iTunes can now buy or rent movies, coinciding with the DVD release dates in these regions.

In Australia, iTunes has introduced pricing tiers starting at A$9.99 for older catalog titles, A$17.99 for more recent films, and A$24.99 for brand-new releases.

Rental prices are set at A$3.99 for older titles and A$5.99 for the latest movies. Over in New Zealand, movie enthusiasts can purchase catalog titles for NZ$9.99, recent releases for NZ$17.99, and new releases for NZ$24.99. Rentals in New Zealand are priced at NZ$4.99 for catalog titles and NZ$6.99 for new releases.

Opting for the high-definition version of any film will cost an additional dollar. Once a rental is initiated, viewers have 30 days to start watching the movie and 48 hours to finish it, which is a day longer than the allowance for U.S. customers, possibly due to the International Date Line.

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