Uniformed iPods: Exploring the Integration of Technology in Military Gear

In regions where communication barriers pose a significant challenge, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, U.S. troops have found an innovative solution using technology.

They utilize iPods equipped with a specialized application developed by Vcom3D. This app, known as VCommunicator Mobile, assists soldiers in communicating in Iraqi Arabic, Kurdish, Dari, and Pushto by providing phonetic translations, audible phrases through a speaker, written phrases in local scripts, and visual representations of common hand gestures.

The initiative has led to the deployment of around 260 iPods and iPod nanos, benefiting approximately 700 military personnel on the ground.

The comprehensive setup, which includes the development of the software for various dialects, speakers that connect to the iPod, and protective covers for the devices, amounted to a total cost of about $800,000.

While the price tag might seem high, it’s important to consider the specialized nature of the software and the necessity for precise, reliable communication in multiple languages. The system also includes a laptop-based editor for updating and managing the phrases.

The choice of the iPod as the platform for this communication tool was influenced by its widespread recognition and usage among both American soldiers and Iraqi locals, making it an accessible and familiar device.

[Source: MacDailyNews]


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