“Let’s Rock” Event Predictions and Final Insights Roundup

With the clock ticking down to today’s media briefing, excitement is palpable here at TUAW. We’re too excited to sit still, so here’s a quick rundown before the event kicks off.

Predicted Highlights

It’s almost certain that we’ll see new iPods today. The iPod-themed invitation has set expectations for an updated nano lineup, which might include increased storage and a fresh design, along with an improved user interface.

According to AppleInsider, this might be the first non-touch iPod to include a motion sensor, making the new nano a significant upgrade. Additionally, the iPod touch is likely to become more affordable. Moreover, we’re anticipating the unveiling and immediate release of iTunes 8, which is rumored to be a substantial update possibly featuring HD content.

What Not to Expect

Don’t hold your breath for any new Macs today.

As much as we all desire a revamped MacBook Pro, it appears that won’t be on the agenda this afternoon.

Similarly, despite the suggestive calendar in the MobileMe logo, don’t expect any updates to that service today. This event is squarely focused on music and iPods.

Everything will be revealed very soon, and you can follow all the developments with our live blog of the event. See you there!

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