iPhone Usage Tips for Keeping Hands Warm in Winter

As we approach the first day of Autumn this Monday, cooler temperatures are imminent across much of the northern hemisphere. However, there’s no need to sacrifice using your iPhone outdoors, thanks to Dots Gloves.

These innovative gloves feature a small metallic dot at the fingertips, enabling interaction with your iPhone or iPod touch’s multitouch screen without needing to expose your fingers to the cold.

The metallic dots, which are located on the thumb, index, and middle fingers, are designed to be screen-friendly and won’t cause scratches.

Beyond smartphones, these gloves are also compatible with devices like the Nintendo DS, laptop trackpads, and various touch-screen interfaces found on ATMs and kiosks.

The gloves are available in knit material for $13 or in a warmer wool version for $18.

If gloves are not your preference, consider using a stylus as an alternative. Alternatively, as Erica suggested, you might even use the iPhone itself as a hand warmer.

Simply activate the Camera app and lock the screen. While this method will drain your battery quickly, it might be a viable option if your hands are exceptionally cold.


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