1Password 2.9 Update: Exploring the Agile Keychain Feature

It’s no secret that we’re big fans of 1Password, a robust tool for managing passwords, credit card information, and secure notes on Macs and iPhones. The latest update, version 2.9, released last weekend, introduces a significant new feature that addresses some of the longstanding issues with Apple’s OS X Keychain, which has been criticized for its cumbersome handling of large data sets.

The developers at Agile Web Solutions have taken matters into their own hands by creating an alternative.

Within the Keychain preferences of 1Password 2.9, users will find the option to “Switch to Agile Keychain Format.” This new format not only facilitates easier file-based synchronization across multiple Macs without relying on MobileMe but also enhances performance with large data volumes and offers superior encryption. This upgrade seems quite promising.

For those considering the switch, detailed guidance is available on the developer’s blog.

Visit their site for step-by-step instructions on how to transition to the Agile Keychain Format and explore the various syncing options available. The update to 1Password 2.9 is free for existing users, while new users can test it out with a free trial.


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