Microsoft Office Releases Update Version 12.1.3

Amidst the flurry of recent news, a significant update for Microsoft Office 2008 might have slipped under the radar. The 12.1.3 update, a hefty 154 MB download, brings a host of security enhancements and bug fixes.

It addresses several issues, including persistent crashing bugs—one notably linked to documents containing PDF images—and enhances chart performance throughout the suite. Additionally, PowerPoint and Excel have received critical fixes aimed at file timestamp discrepancies and file saving corruption issues respectively.

Users can download the DMG of the update directly from Microsoft or use the Auto Update feature in any Office application.

Should any issues arise post-update, it’s crucial to report these directly to ensure future improvements. Feedback is particularly valuable, especially when it comes to addressing management attitudes that may hinder user experience.

Update: Several users of Exchange 2003 who have installed the 12.1.3 update have encountered a glitch when trying to send or reply to meeting invitations, resulting in errors.


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