Apple Triumphs Over Psystar in Trademark Lawsuit

In a recent development in the ongoing legal saga involving Psystar’s distribution of non-Apple hardware configured to run Mac OS X, Apple has updated its initial lawsuit, adding new allegations after uncovering further details, reports Computerworld.

Apple now accuses Psystar of bypassing its copyright protection mechanisms, a breach of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. Initially, Apple’s complaint focused on Psystar’s breach of the Mac OS X End-User License Agreement, but the recent findings prompted the addition of this new claim.

The revised lawsuit also implicates 10 unidentified individuals, referred to as “John Does,” who are not directly affiliated with Psystar but are accused of breaking the copyright protection system.

Apple intends to reveal their identities as their investigation progresses.

In a separate legal matter, Apple secured a victory in a trademark dispute in China against New Apple Concept Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a company based in Shenzen. The court ruled that the Chinese firm’s logo was excessively similar to Apple’s trademarked emblem.

As a result, the Shenzen-based company was ordered to compensate Apple with 400,000 yuan (approximately US$58,000).

[Source: Cult of Mac.]

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