UNO Game Launches on iPhone: Exclusive First Look

For those who find the classic card game UNO irresistible, there’s good news: you can now take the excitement with you wherever you go with the UNO app available on your iPhone. Developed by Gameloft, known for their extensive range of mobile games, this version brings a new level of engagement to the beloved game.

The game offers several modes of play. By selecting Quick Play, you can set the difficulty level and start a game against an AI opponent immediately.

For a more structured experience, the Single Player mode includes options like Tournament and Custom modes. Within Custom mode, players can fine-tune settings such as game type, scoring rules, penalties, and more to create a personalized gaming experience.

What sets this version apart is its versatile multiplayer options. You can connect with other players via Wi-Fi, share a single device among up to four players, or compete with others online.

The Wi-Fi option allows you to either join an existing game or host a new one within the same Wi-Fi network. Although playing on a single device can be less private as players might sneak a peek at your cards, the touch-to-reveal function keeps your hand hidden until it’s your turn. The online multiplayer mode lets you connect with players globally by joining or creating a game room.

Despite its many features, I do wish the game allowed for screen rotation and the use of EDGE or 3G networks for online multiplayer.


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