iPhone Ranks Third in Time’s Top Gadgets List

Time Magazine has consistently highlighted Apple’s innovations, often featuring them prominently in their annual reviews and lists. For instance, Apple’s iPhone was celebrated as 2007’s Gadget of the Year and also as 2007’s Invention of the Year.

Even earlier, in 2006, the MacBook Pro was dubbed Gadget of the Week, and Apple products have graced the cover multiple times.

In 2006, the innovative Nike+ iPod kit was also nominated for Gadget of the Year. More recently, the iPhone secured the third spot on Time’s comprehensive year-end list titled “The Top 10 Everything,” though it was a slight drop from its usual top positions.

The second place was awarded to the Mitsubishi LaserVue 65-inch HDTV, while the top honor went to the Optoma Pico PK-101, a compact projector designed for the iPod, which first piqued interest in November and is set to be released early next year at a price of $399US.

The iPhone’s slight descent in the rankings was attributed by Time to its less-than-stellar email capabilities compared to a Blackberry, as well as its average performance as a mobile phone.

[Via MacNN]

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