How to Record a Multi-Participant Podcast Using GarageBand

Several months back, I embarked on a journey with friends to create a podcast. Initially, we would all join a Skype call and capture the audio using WireTap Studio. While effective, this method had its drawbacks, particularly when poor internet connections interfered with audio quality or when participants inadvertently spoke over each other, complicating the editing process due to the single audio track.

After a few episodes, we discovered a method outlined by Dan Benjamin in his article.

He and John Gruber employ a technique known as a “double-ender” for their show The Talk Show, where each host records their own audio locally while conversing over Skype. We adopted this approach using GarageBand, which significantly improved our production quality. Here’s how we set it up.

To begin, open GarageBand and connect your microphone.

I personally use a Logitech ClearChat Pro USB Headset, which is affordable and effective. Next, adjust GarageBand’s settings to use your microphone for both input and output, ensuring you avoid using external speakers as they can create an echo.

Once your track is set up and the recording button is activated, I initiate a Skype call with the other participants, who prepare their GarageBand settings similarly. We all start recording simultaneously with a synchronized countdown.


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