Revitalize Your Old iPod: Innovative Uses and Tips

If you have an old iPod that’s no longer in regular use, don’t be too quick to dismiss its potential. Even the most outdated models can be repurposed in creative and useful ways.

Recently, Lifehacker outlined a variety of innovative ideas for giving new life to your old iPod.

Among the suggestions are transforming it into a dedicated music server by connecting it to speakers, or repurposing it as an external storage device. More creative options include converting it into a bootable Windows XP drive for tech enthusiasts.

One notable omission from the list, as pointed out by a Lifehacker reader, is simply passing it on to someone else who could use it.

I personally followed this advice when I upgraded my iPod a couple of years ago. I gave my old 3G iPod to my niece, who was thrilled to have it.

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