Apple Launches iLife ’09 at Macworld Expo 2023

At the recent Macworld Expo, Phill Schiller unveiled the latest version of iLife ’09, which many had anticipated. The update introduces several exciting enhancements.

The iPhoto application now features “Faces” and “Places.” “Faces” allows users to identify and tag individuals in photos through facial recognition technology, a method already utilized by platforms like Facebook and Picasa. “Places” adds geotagging capabilities, allowing photos to be organized by their geographical location.

This feature is supported by GPS-enabled devices like the 3G iPhone and can also be manually set for other images. Additional iPhoto updates include improved slideshow options and travel-themed books.

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Update: A reader named Lou reports purchasing iLife ’09, with his receipt indicating a shipping date of February 9.

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Turning to iMovie, the ’09 version aims to rectify the shortcomings of iMovie ’08.

It introduces features like animated travel maps and video stabilization. The update also includes drag-and-drop editing, enhanced skimming capabilities, and “Precision Editing” for more detailed audio control. New effects and dynamic themes add to the creative possibilities.

GarageBand has also been enhanced in iLife ’09, now offering a “Learn to play” feature that provides HD video lessons on guitar and piano.

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