Skype 2.8 Beta for Mac Introduces Screen Sharing Feature

Exciting developments for Skype enthusiasts as the platform rolls out Beta 2.8 for the Mac. This update introduces significant enhancements including screen sharing and WiFi connectivity through “Skype Access” for MacBook and MacBook Pro users.

The screen sharing feature is integrated into the Skype video channel, allowing users to share their entire screen with participants.

Initially, only Mac users can share their screen, but those on Linux or Windows can view it. Details on file transfers were less specific.

Another notable addition is Skype Access, which provides WiFi connectivity via any Boingo hotspot, available in numerous locations including McDonald’s, various hotels like Marriott and Hilton, and over 500 international airports.

This service costs $0.22US (€0.16) per minute, payable via Skype Credits.

Although we haven’t tested these features ourselves yet (we’re currently engaged with a little trade show today), the offerings from Skype seem promising. Feel free to share your experiences if you decide to try them out.

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