Live Coverage: Macworld 2009 Best in Show Highlights

Welcome to the live coverage of Macworld 2009’s Best in Show awards! I’ll be updating you on the standout products recognized this year. Stay tuned as we connect with the winners throughout the event.

3:28PM That wraps up our coverage! Heading back to explore more of the show floor. Thanks for joining!

3:27PM Ideal for covert operations!

3:27PM A shoutout to eCamm, our Talkcast sponsor.


3:26PM It offers a standard 640×480 resolution. Simple yet effective.

3:26PM Final award goes to the ECam BT1 – a standalone Bluetooth webcam. Priced at $150.

3:24PM The Faces and Places features are incredibly engaging.

Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

3:23PM Reluctantly, Apple earns a spot because iPhoto ’09 truly impresses.

3:23PM Next up: Apple’s iLife ’09, specifically iPhoto.

3:21PM Expect Sling Player for iPhone by end of March.

3:19PM Sling Box Pro HD now streams to both Mac and Apple TV.

3:19PM Watch TV and manage your DVR right from your iPhone.

3:18PM Next award: Sling Player Mobile by Sling Media.

3:18PM A remarkable pen that records your writing and replays it as audio.

3:17PM For more, see last month’s discussion: here.

3:16PM Awarded next: Pulse Smart Pen from Livescribe!

3:15PM Despite the corny jokes, it’s all in good fun at Macworld.

3:14PM I’ve been following Things since its early days in 2007. It’s evolved beautifully!

3:14PM Things has become a top GTD application with a sleek interface and superb iPhone integration.

3:13PM Winner: Cultured Code’s Things!

3:13PM Its cross-platform capability makes it ideal for mixed-device households.

3:12PM Features like iTunes server and Time Machine support cater to Mac users.

3:12PM HP Media Server wins, though it requires a Windows PC for full functionality.

3:11PM Next winner: The HP Media Server.

3:11PM New features include Bento integration and enhanced SQL support.

3:09PM Winner: FileMaker 10, celebrating 25 years of innovation.

3:08PM Daylite Touch is garnering excellent reviews for its interface, set to release this quarter.

3:07PM We spoke with Marketcircle yesterday – check it out.

3:07PM Next winner: Market Circle’s Daylite Touch!

3:06PM I’ve long used WebEx for professional writing and software demos. The support for iPhone and iPod touch is a great addition.

3:05PM WebEx now supports iPhone 3G and iPod touch, enhancing its utility for video calls and screen sharing.

3:04PM First winner: WebEx Meeting Center from Cisco.

3:04PM Some products are showcased with videos, others are not.

3:02PM Macworld reviews products submitted in December and during the first two days of the show.

3:01PM Jim and Jason from Macworld kick things off with a few jokes.

3:01PM The crowd’s reaction is lukewarm, but the excitement is still palpable.

3:00PM The video presentations are starting now.

2:57PM The background music is less than stellar, reminiscent of bad calypso tunes.

2:56PM Sitting next to Alex Brooks from


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