Apple TV and Mac Mini Set to Adopt New Ion Platform

According to reports from Tom’s Hardware, Apple is set to incorporate NVIDIA’s Ion platform into its upcoming revision of the Mac mini. Additionally, this technology might also enhance the next version of Apple TV.

The Ion platform by NVIDIA is an economical, compact motherboard that integrates an NVIDIA GPU with an Intel CPU, among other components.

AppleInsider notes that this platform utilizes the 9400M chipset, which is the same as that found in the latest MacBook and MacBook Pro. It’s already known that the current iMac and Mac mini models utilize the 9400M within the NVIDIA MCP79 setup, which supports full-screen HD video decoding.

Tom’s Hardware details that the Ion configuration intended for the Mac mini will feature an Intel Atom 330 processor.

AppleInsider discusses that for the Mac mini to see performance improvements with this new setup, it might need to leverage OpenCL, a feature currently only available in versions of Snow Leopard.

While Tom’s Hardware anticipates the new Mac mini’s release in March, AppleInsider hints at a potential launch “this month.” We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Regarding the Apple TV, its upgrade to a 1GHz CPU through the Ion platform could significantly enhance its performance. However, considering the already slim profit margins on the Apple TV, this upgrade could financially strain Apple’s side project.

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