Crayon Physics Deluxe Game Now Available on iPhone

In the realm of mobile gaming, Crayon Physics Deluxe (App Store) presents a gameplay experience akin to Touch Physics (App Store). Players are tasked with guiding a ball to a star-marked goal by sketching various shapes to bridge gaps and overcome obstacles.

Simply trace a line with your finger where you need the ball to roll across.

The game boasts 50 levels and includes a level editor, allowing players to design custom levels, thus enhancing its replayability. Players can tackle the levels sequentially or opt for the level chooser to navigate directly to any level, especially handy when stuck on a challenging stage.

While the game features soothing music and visually appealing graphics, the levels tend to load slowly at first.

Feedback from users on the App Store has highlighted issues such as drawing malfunctions requiring occasional device reboots. During my gameplay, I didn’t need to restart my device, but I did encounter a glitch where the ball would hover slightly above or below my drawings, preventing it from reaching the intended destination.

Priced at $4.99 in the US, Crayon Physics Deluxe offers a unique puzzle-solving experience.

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