RapidWeaver Theme and Special Bundle by Elixir

At TUAW, we’ve always appreciated RapidWeaver for its user-friendly interface and efficiency in website development. It’s my go-to for quickly putting together websites or prototypes without the need for a complex CMS.

A highlight of using RapidWeaver is its vast selection of beautiful themes. Notably, Elixir has recently added a stunning new theme called Aqua to their collection.

The Aqua theme is priced at $12.95, but Elixir is currently offering a promotional bundle of all its themes, including Aqua, for just $54.95.

This is a rare opportunity as Elixir typically does not offer theme bundles. This deal includes twenty high-quality themes compatible with both RapidWeaver 3.6 and 4.x versions, making it an excellent value for anyone looking to expand their design options.

What makes Elixir’s themes particularly appealing are their aesthetic appeal and the inclusion of numerous extras and customization possibilities.


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