Exploring 31 Fart Apps in Just 90 Seconds: A Quick Review

My recent stint at Spencer’s proved invaluable as I embarked on the task of evaluating a plethora of fart applications, over 60 to be precise. I approached this with a straight face, resisting the urge to crack any puns about the subject matter. I even refrained from using the “1812 Overture” as a backdrop. For those daring enough, playing this video loudly in your workplace might just be the comedic relief you need.

It was a challenge to keep my composure during the recording process, and I owe a big thank you to the developers who supplied promo codes and sound effects that were, quite literally, a blast. Not all apps made it into the video, but they are all listed in the link list (see next page).

One thing you’ll quickly notice is the simplicity of many fart apps, bordering on the primitive.

They are predominantly soundboard apps, with several from the same developer, seemingly to promote their other offerings on the App Store. Apple’s decision to spotlight these apps by temporarily banning them only fueled more interest, which I find baffling. However, like any diverse marketplace, the best will eventually rise to the top. For a comprehensive list and a peek at the featured apps, proceed with caution.

While a few developers declined my request for promo codes, those who did respond were incredibly cooperative and friendly. It’s a testament to the community spirit that has long been a part of Mac shareware and now extends to Apple’s mobile platform.

Despite many developers being new to the platform, the camaraderie and quality of interactions were genuinely impressive. These developers certainly deserve recognition for their efforts.

NOTE: All links direct to the App Store in iTunes.

Here are the links to some notable fart apps:

Animal Farts
Atomic Fart
Cheese Cutter Whoopee Cushion
Easy Fart
Excuse Me: Farts for Free
Fart+Burp = Fun Calculator
Fart and Flashlight
Fart Box
Fart Button
Fart Cushion
Fart for Free
Fart Lighter – Pull My Finger, Pro Edition
Fart Machine – the original
Fart or Die
Fart Studio
Fartin’ Furious
Fartmaster Deluxe
iFart – Ultimate fart machine
iFart Alert!
iFart Mobile – #1 Fart Machine for all ages
iWhoopi Cushion: Advanced Fart Machine
Mr. Poot!
myFart – fart machine
Pass the Gas: The Fart Sharing Network
Touch My Finger
uFart – Fart Machine
WhoFarted? (The Ultimate Fart Simulator)
101 Farts

Indeed, the list of fart-themed apps is extensive and continues to grow. In a year, we might see double the number.

Among my favorites:

  • Touch My Finger: Its dynamic audio generation is both innovative and amusing.
  • Pull My Finger: It scores high on style, though the interface could be more intuitive. Simplicity is key in a fart app.
  • Ultimate Fart Machine: Offers the best sound quality, in my opinion.
  • Atomic Fart: It has everything you need, except the ability to record your own sounds.

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