RapidWeaver Stacks Plugin Introduces Fluid Layouts

At TUAW, our enthusiasm for RapidWeaver is well-documented. The platform shines with its user-friendly interface that allows for the creation of complex, powerful projects, supported by an impressive array of third-party plugins and themes.

YourHead Software
, a leading developer of RapidWeaver add-ons, recently unveiled a new plugin named Stacks. This plugin enhances RapidWeaver’s capabilities by allowing users to design without coding.

Stacks is essentially an advanced version of another YourHead plugin, Blocks.

Previously, reviewed by Mat, Blocks was celebrated for its drag-and-drop functionality. Stacks builds on this by adding features like fluid layouts, nested objects, and more, accommodating even variable width themes.

Having tested the Stacks beta recently, I’ve discovered new design possibilities with RapidWeaver that were previously unexplored. Typically, designing unique layouts for each page can be labor-intensive.

However, Stacks facilitates rapid prototyping, allowing for quick layout changes that save significant time.

For instance, I was able to construct this page in mere minutes using Stacks, incorporating graphics and a Twitter plugin from Elixir. Another great aspect of Stacks is its API, which opens up opportunities for users and developers to create custom elements. Additionally, Stacks integrates seamlessly with Loghound’s PlusKit, enhancing functionality with features like lightboxing for photos.

Available for $19.95, Stacks requires RapidWeaver 4.2.1 or newer.

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