Speculation: Compact Apple Packaging and Upcoming Event

Update 7:30p: Our colleagues across the Mac community are uncovering more information about the anticipated hardware refreshes expected tomorrow. Sources like MacRumors, Hardmac, and Engadget suggest significant updates are on the horizon:

Two new Mac mini models, aligning with earlier leaked images

Four iMac models, starting with a 20″ base model and three more powerful 24″ versions

A MacPro update featuring up to 16 cores

Universal adoption of DisplayPort, along with minor enhancements to the Airport Extreme and Time Capsule

We’re poised at the Apple Store’s doorstep, waiting with bated breath…


Join us as we engage in a beloved late winter ritual. This isn’t about shoveling snow post-Nor’Easter; it’s Apple rumor season.

Here’s the scoop:

Rumors suggest a March 24th event hosted by Apple to unveil new hardware, with details still under wraps.

The Mac mini is overdue for an upgrade, and a recent leaked video may have given us a glimpse of what’s coming. Similarly, speculation around new iMacs has been circulating for some time.

While official confirmations are pending, we promise to keep you updated. Circle March 24th on your calendars and set reminders to “tentative.”

Also making rounds is an image purportedly showing the new Mac mini’s retail packaging, shared by Dutch website One More Thing.

The packaging seems to confirm the array of ports seen in the leaked footage: FireWire 800, mini DisplayPort + micro DVI, and five USB ports.

In a recent podcast, I skeptically labeled these rumors as “unlikely,” especially regarding the USB ports. If proven wrong, you’ll hear it here first.

Despite the current Mini featuring its ports on the back of the box, the new layout raises questions. Is the central processor icon an NVIDIA GPU or an Intel chip? Whether the box is genuine or a clever fake remains to be seen.

Indeed, the plot thickens with each new piece of information in the world of tech rumors.

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