Retrospect 8 Launches for Mac, Backup Admins Celebrate

While there are numerous Mac applications with a long history, few can match the enduring presence and utility of Retrospect. This backup software, which has been a staple in the tech community for over three decades, continues to evolve. Originally developed by Dantz and later acquired by EMC Insignia, Retrospect has launched its version 8, enhancing its feature set to align more closely with its Windows counterpart.

Unveiled at the Macworld Expo, the latest iteration of Retrospect separates the administrative user interface from the backup engine.

This allows for centralized control over multiple instances of the software and supports simultaneous operations. The update introduces enhanced disk-to-disk backup capabilities, expedited catalog rebuilds, and improved support for networking and tape drives. Additionally, it ensures media and catalog compatibility across platforms with the Windows 7.6 version.

For a closer look, check out the video tutorials.

Currently, Retrospect 8 is compatible only with Intel-based Macs, though it retains the capability to backup PowerPC clients. Support for PowerPC machines is expected in an upcoming update. The software is priced at $129US for the Desktop version, which covers up to three clients.

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