Apple Launches New ‘Get a Mac’ Campaign Post ‘Laptop Hunters’

Apple has unveiled four fresh Get a Mac commercials tonight, continuing the adventures of the beloved PC and Mac personas. The premiere spot, titled “Time Traveler,” features PC using a time machine to check if future PCs have overcome their notorious crashing issues.

Another spot, “Stacks,” shows PC sifting through countless photos to locate a specific one, while Mac introduces him to the facial recognition technology found in iPhoto ’09.

In “Legal Copy,” PC boasts about his user-friendliness, only to be overshadowed by a rapidly expanding disclaimer at the bottom of the screen. The series concludes with “Biohazard Suit,” where PC, clad in a protective suit, discusses the latest Windows viruses with Mac.

These humorous ads might seem like Apple’s retort to the new “Laptop Hunters” Microsoft commercials.

However, given the timing of production schedules, it’s probable that Apple’s campaign was already in progress or nearing completion as the Microsoft ads aired. You can view all the new commercials on Apple’s Get a Mac webpage.


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