Microsoft Targets iPod with New Strategy

Before the ink was set on the Laptop Hunter ads, Microsoft launched another salvo at Apple with a 30 second TV spot [YouTube link] criticizing the high cost of fully loading an iPod compared to the economical Zune Pass.

Microsoft claims it would take $30,000 to fill a 120GB iPod with tunes, whereas a Zune Pass costs just $15 monthly. In these tough economic times, Microsoft argues, their offerings are the smarter choice.

However, the calculations presented are somewhat ambiguous, and discontinuing the Zune Pass means losing all your music, except for the ten tracks you can keep each month.

This overlooks how many, including myself, utilize their iPods. I have a vast collection of CDs from as far back as the 1980s.

I prefer to have my music portable and available in my car, so I convert my CDs through iTunes at no extra cost, giving me access to roughly 500 CDs whenever I desire.

Despite Microsoft’s dominance, they appear genuinely concerned about Apple. The Zune itself hasn’t exactly taken the world by storm, and who could overlook the incident when numerous Zunes suddenly stopped working on New Year’s Day?

I commend Microsoft for their efforts.

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