QuickTime X Advances Significantly in Snow Leopard Release

It feels as though it was just yesterday that QuickTime was still on version 7. Indeed, that was the case until recently. With the latest updates surrounding Snow Leopard, we’ve been introduced to QuickTime X, which represents a major leap forward for Apple’s longstanding media player and technology suite.

This new version not only sports a completely redesigned interface but also introduces deeper, more substantial changes.

With QuickTime X, users are treated to a version that eliminates the need for a Pro upgrade. It supports straightforward editing, video and audio capture, and enables users to “publish your media to MobileMe or YouTube — without the hassle of worrying about codec formats or resolutions.” It’s unclear if saving as a QuickTime movie or source file will remain an option, but the removal of previous restrictions is likely to position QuickTime as a viable alternative to iMovie. Additionally, QuickTime X now supports streaming live video over HTTP using any web server.

It will be interesting to see what users will do with this new capability.

More than just cosmetic upgrades, QuickTime X represents a fundamental overhaul of the application and its core architecture. With support for Core Audio, Core Video, and Core Animation, the future of media playback is looking promising (as we were promised some time ago and a few years back). All these enhancements are integrated into Snow Leopard, maximizing the benefits from the operating system’s optimized performance technologies.

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