Adjust Gamma Settings in Leopard to Match Snow Leopard

In a recent post about Apple’s Snow Leopard list of Enhancements and Refinements, John Gruber highlights a subtle yet significant change in the upcoming Snow Leopard update: the default gamma setting on monitors will be adjusted from 1.8 to 2.2.

This new standard is not only prevalent in television screens but also mirrors the default setting found in Windows systems.

Gamma settings are crucial as they influence the contrast levels on your display; a higher gamma means more contrast.

However, this increase in contrast could potentially obscure finer details in darker areas of the image.

For those eager to experience this change or adapt to it before Snow Leopard’s release, you can modify your gamma settings by following these instructions using the Display Calibrator Assistant:

  1. Navigate to System Preferences and select the Displays icon.
  2. In the Displays menu, go to the Color tab and click on the Calibrate… button.
  3. A welcome screen will appear, click Continue.
  4. When prompted to “Select a target gamma”, opt for “2.2 Television Gamma”.
  5. Proceed by clicking Continue, ensuring your Target White Point remains at Native, or as previously set.
  6. Assign a name to your new color profile, then click Continue followed by Done.
  7. You can now toggle between the original and new color profiles to see the difference in gamma settings.

Adjusting color profiles might seem straightforward to some, but for those who haven’t ventured into these settings, it can be a new learning curve.

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