Psystar Exits Chapter 11, Continues Producing Apple Clones

It appears that Psystar, the notorious manufacturer of Mac clones, is poised to make a comeback after filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The company has announced plans to resume operations and continue its David vs.

Goliath battle with a fresh hardware product on the horizon.

In a recent e-mail newsletter sent to its subscribers, Psystar revealed that the bankruptcy protection was essential for maintaining their operations. They expressed readiness to re-enter the market following an official discharge from the bankruptcy court expected soon.

The newsletter also unveiled Psystar’s latest product, the Open(7), which integrates OS X with Intel Nehalem Xeon technology, claiming it to be their most powerful and silent system yet.

Furthermore, they announced that all new machines will incorporate a newly developed bootloader, the Darwin Universal Boot Loader (DUBL), with hints at an upcoming open-source release.

The communication concluded with a thought-provoking remark: “When life gives you apples, make applesauce.” This statement leaves one wondering whether they are alluding to the fruit or perhaps, metaphorically, to Apple Inc.

Thanks to Sean Wightman for the tip!


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