Security Breach at Apple Learning Interchange: Details

It has come to our attention that Apple has issued a warning to members of the ALI forum regarding a breach of security involving Learning Interchange account passwords. According to information received by several of our readers, Apple has advised that those who use the same login details across different sites might be vulnerable.

Users of ALI accounts are urged to update any similar credentials they may use elsewhere. Below is the statement from Apple that was shared with us.

“We recently learned that the security of Apple Learning Interchange (ALI) members’ names and passwords may have been compromised.

These accounts are limited to accessing the ALI discussion board and do not contain sensitive information such as credit card or social security numbers.

While ALI member names and passwords are not linked to your Apple ID, our records indicate that your ALI member name and Apple ID are the same. For this reason we strongly recommend that you change your Apple ID password as well as any others that might have the same name and password combination.”

As of now, the ALI site is currently down.


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