iPhone Apps Purchased But Never Used: A Review

When the App Store first appeared, I enthusiastically downloaded a plethora of apps, but eventually, I narrowed my choices to those I believed I would frequently use. Some were free, others were not. Recently, iTunes indicated that I had 13 updates pending, prompting me to realize that I’ve accumulated many paid apps that I seldom open.

It’s straightforward to talk about the apps you love, but here, I’ll share the ones I paid for and why they’re gathering digital dust. All app links will direct you to iTunes.

Air Sharing

This innovative app from Avatron Software turned your iPhone into a virtual hard drive.

It was a novel concept when I first tried it, but it was eventually supplanted by Evernote. I work across multiple computers, so being able to access files from any device is crucial. Adding iPhone compatibility was a bonus.


The elegant ebook reader developed by Andrew Katz and Phill Ryu made reading literary classics on the iPhone a visually appealing experience. It even featured in Apple’s TV commercials and has a high rating from thousands of users. However, I found that I don’t enjoy reading extensive text on my iPhone’s screen, regardless of the app’s quality.
Fastlane Street Racing

The original iPhone game demos, which showcased accelerometer-based controls, were quite appealing.

The idea of steering by tilting the phone was intriguing, so I downloaded Fastlane immediately. While it was enjoyable at first, the novelty quickly wore off. My preferred racing game remains Ridge Racer on the PSP.


Glyder by Glu was visually stunning and the gameplay of flying around collecting orbs was initially fun. However, it eventually became monotonous, although my children still enjoy it.
Groceries (Grocery Shopping List)

I discovered this app through enthusiastic tweets from trusted sources. It’s indeed a beautifully designed app that simplifies grocery shopping.


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