Snow Leopard Friday with Mel Martin: Minimal Glitches, Great Joy

Arriving at the Apple Store in Tucson right at opening time, the scene was unexpectedly calm. Despite the setup for a crowd with stanchions, they were unnecessary as the store wasn’t overly busy. Many customers were there to purchase Snow Leopard, and there was no shortage of stock early in the day.

The installation experiences on my MacBook Pro and Mac Pro were quite different.

The MacBook Pro setup went smoothly, with all settings such as mail accounts and bookmarks intact. However, the Mac Pro presented some challenges, repeatedly prompting for my MobileMe password and displaying concerning keychain error messages.

Ultimately, I resolved the issues on my desktop by resetting the keychain and re-entering necessary passwords. A peculiar message regarding my iDisk also appeared, prompting me to delete a large file, which seemed to be a local copy of my iDisk.

Aside from these hiccups, most applications, including my Sonos audio system and Photoshop CS3, are functioning well.

The system shuts down almost instantly, and I discovered an extra 14GB of space post-upgrade.

The upgrade has introduced several small improvements. For instance, screenshots are now labeled with the date and time, which is a nice touch. Overall, the transition to Snow Leopard was mostly smooth, though not without a few issues.

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