Psystar Files Lawsuit Over Snow Leopard, Loses Grip on Reality

During my childhood, a massive St. Bernard named Caesar lived next door.

His residence was a shabby kennel in the backyard, and his primary activity was non-stop barking. Day and night, this giant, slobbering beast was like a relentless, barking machine, much like a jackhammer pounding away.

Yet, Caesar’s annoyance pales in comparison to Psystar.

In brief, Psystar markets its own brand of computers that are designed to operate Mac OS X.

The ongoing tug-of-war with Apple seems to have hardly deterred the clone manufacturer, escalating further this week.

Recently, Psystar has initiated legal action to sue Apple concerning the launch of Mac OS X Snow Leopard. Essentially, Psystar is seeking an injunction and damages, arguing against Apple’s “anticompetitive efforts to restrict Mac OS X Snow Leopard to its own line of Macintosh computers.” Indeed, Apple has opted to make a proprietary operating system that operates exclusively on its proprietary hardware.

Psystar contends that their method of installing Snow Leopard differs from Apple’s, and that legally purchasing the OS to install on their machines for resale should be permissible.

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