Xcode 3.2 Update Guide: Daily Tips for Upgrading

Coders, take your positions! Are you prepared to enhance your Snow Leopard setup with Xcode 3.2? You’ll find the Xcode installer in the Optional Installs folder of your Snow Leopard disc. Simply double-click the mpkg file to launch the installer and start the upgrade.

Xcode 3.2 introduces several exciting enhancements, some of which we’ll explore in future daily tips. Notable improvements include the new integrated static code analysis tool, two additional LLVM compiler front ends (GCC 4.2 and Clang), and an updated Build Results window.

Before installing, you might encounter issues with the default C compiler in the command line, reporting errors like missing <stdio.h> files.

This happened even though I had reinstalled the iPhone SDK. However, after I updated to the new Xcode and restarted my computer, the command line compiler began to function properly again. Restarting seemed essential, as the compiler did not work until after the reboot.

If there’s a less drastic solution, I’m all ears—please share your insights in the comments!

It’s also necessary to reinstall your iPhone SDK packages. Ensure you download the versions specifically designed for Snow Leopard. The iPhone Dev Center offers both Leopard and Snow Leopard SDKs for each of its standard and beta releases.

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