Remote Access Tool FarFinder: Now iPhone Compatible and On Sale

As someone who is always on the lookout for efficient ways to access my home computer remotely, I was thrilled to discover that FarFinder is currently available at a discounted price of US$20. This special offer from FlyingMac will last until October 22nd, providing a significant saving of US$15 off the regular price. Additionally, a family license during this promotion is reduced by US$20, costing just US$45.

Previously, FarFinder was highlighted on TUAW in 2008 by Mat Lu, who aptly described it as “your Finder on the web.” This tool effectively makes your Mac’s desktop and any connected drives accessible over the internet through most web browsers and directly from your iPhone (refer to the screenshot on the right).

FlyingMac generously offers a 20-day trial of FarFinder, and what’s great is that once you purchase the software, there are no ongoing subscription fees. This means your one-time payment of US$20 covers you indefinitely, unless a major upgrade necessitates an additional purchase.

FarFinder enhances your ability to interact with your Mac remotely in several ways.

For instance, it allows you to send files from your Mac to any email address. Imagine being away from home and receiving a request from a colleague for a document stored on your desktop. With FarFinder, you can securely log into your Mac, locate the document, and email it directly—all from your iPhone or any web browser.

Moreover, when I’m with clients, I often need to access documents I’ve created on my Mac. Using another computer, be it another Mac, a Windows PC, or even a Linux netbook, I simply connect to my home Mac through a web browser.

Accessing files is as easy as double-clicking them on the remote desktop. Some files might need to be downloaded to the local machine, which can be done by clicking a download icon.

Additional features include uploading files to your Mac, conducting Spotlight searches to locate files, and even capturing photos using your Mac’s built-in iSight camera. This can be particularly entertaining for monitoring pets or children while you’re away.

Unlike some other applications, FarFinder does not permit remote screen control, which is actually a benefit. It operates quickly by transmitting only file information rather than screen data, displaying everything efficiently on a web browser or iPhone screen.

The free iPhone app [iTunes Link] acts as a compact version of the web application, performing many of the same tasks.

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