Solving Flash Lag Issues on the 27 Inch iMac: Effective Tips

Several users have reported experiencing delays in performance with their new 27″ iMacs, a topic initially covered by our own Casey Johnston in a recent article. After spending some time with the machines and conducting standard troubleshooting, we’ve received a tip that might offer a temporary fix.

A reader has suggested that the sluggishness might not be limited to Flash but could be a more widespread system issue.

Since Flash is particularly resource-intensive, it tends to highlight the problem more than less demanding applications.

The current workaround involves cycling the wireless connection. Some users have noticed an improvement in their iMac’s performance by simply toggling the AirPort connection off and on.

While this solution may not be long-lasting—there’s a chance the lag could return after a system reboot—it’s worth trying to see if it improves the situation temporarily.

TUAW’s Joachim Bean has theorized that the problem could be linked to PCI Express, which both the AirPort and the graphics card utilize for system communication. This could potentially lead to conflicts during operation.

Michael Rose

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