Recent MacHeist: A Comprehensive Loot Breakdown

As highlighted by Kevin on Wednesday, MacHeist is currently offering a new promotion they’re calling a “nanoBundle”, and it’s available at no cost. Personally, whenever I see “free” associated with software, I’m all over it.

This time, they’re distributing a collection of apps for free, likely as a strategy to keep their community engaged and returning. You can get six excellent Mac apps for absolutely nothing. You have just six days left to secure this bundle, so don’t miss out on the following items:

  • Shove Box — This is a superb tool for reminders and organization, residing right in your menu bar.

    You can drag and drop various items like text, URLs, and images into the app, and it stores them for you to revisit later. When you find some spare time, you can sift through your saved items. It also comes with an iPhone companion app.

  • WriteRoom — This application offers a distraction-free writing environment by making the text window full screen, isolating you from any interruptions. It still includes essential features like word count and allows for adjustments to background and text colors, ensuring you stay focused. It has been frequently discussed for its utility.

  • Twitterrific — Currently one of my top apps on my iPhone.

    The desktop version maintains simplicity. Just set up your Twitter account, and start tweeting with what might be the simplest interface available.

  • TinyGrab — A dream tool for those who frequently capture screenshots. It allows you to use the standard command-shift-4 to select a part of your screen or hit spacebar to capture a specific window. The best part? It automatically uploads the capture to your FTP server and copies the URL to your clipboard for easy sharing across social media, emails, or instant messages.

  • Hordes of Orcs — Honestly, this game is why I’m excited about this bundle. It has received stellar reviews, including from our own Mike Schramm.


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