Evernote’s Evolution: Insights from Phil Libin on Its Journey

Phil Libin, the CEO of Evernote, must be feeling quite optimistic these days. With the user base nearing the two million mark and the initial phases of development behind them, the outlook for Evernote is promising. Recently, I had the opportunity to discuss with Libin about the functionalities and future of Evernote, a cloud-based storage service for all types of personal data.

Last year, during its closed beta phase, TUAW’s Brett Terpstra interviewed Libin, who described Evernote as a “universal human memory extension.” The service allows users to upload various types of content—texts, images, voice memos—which becomes searchable and accessible from multiple devices.

The ability to recognize text from images is particularly useful for storing items like business cards. Users can also integrate web pages directly from Firefox or send notes via Twitter to @myEN.

Libin provided a brief history of Evernote, noting its progression from a closed beta in February 2008 to an open beta by June of the same year, and how the company subtly transitioned out of beta phase without much fanfare. He expressed satisfaction with the growth trajectory of Evernote, which now boasts nearly two million users.

Looking ahead, Libin shared plans for localized versions in various European countries by the end of 2009 and a Japanese version in early 2010, highlighting the significant interest from the Japanese market.

Libin is a staunch supporter of the Mac platform, which always gets the first release of any new software versions. He discussed upcoming features like geotagging for notes, which will enhance the ability to search information by location—a handy tool for events like conferences. Another significant update in the pipeline is the local caching of notes on the iPhone app, which will allow offline access to notes and is expected to be available in a few months.

Evernote’s integration potential is also expanding, with over 600 developers holding API keys.


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