Apple’s Black Friday Sale: Expect Massive Discounts!

The team at Boy Genius Report recently published a piece detailing what they claim to be Apple’s upcoming Black Friday promotions. According to their source, Apple plans to offer significant discounts, including up to 30% off on all iPod models (except the iPhone and iPod shuffle), up to 25% off all Mac computers, and up to 15% off all accessories, software, and other hardware from Apple. These deals are supposedly set for November 27th, with some Apple stores opening at 6 AM.

However, here at TUAW, we’re skeptical about the authenticity of these claims. While the discounts sound appealing, they don’t seem to align with Apple’s typical sales strategy.

Firstly, Apple rarely offers discounts on its new products, preferring instead to sell refurbished items at a lower price. This strategy has contributed to Apple’s strong market position and high profit margins. A discount as steep as 25% off all Macs seems unlikely and is probably just wishful thinking for Apple enthusiasts.

Secondly, Apple stores are already well-attended without the need for heavy discounts.

Black Friday is sure to bring crowds to Apple’s retail locations, making additional promotions unnecessary and potentially disruptive.

Thirdly, while Apple has historically offered Black Friday deals, they have never been as substantial as those reported by BGR. For instance, in 2006, Apple only offered free shipping, and last year, discounts were more modest and matched by Best Buy, not the dramatic 25% off.

Lastly, the design of the promotional email itself, as described, doesn’t seem up to Apple’s standards.


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