TUAW Q&A: Spreadsheets, Time Machine Partitioning, iTunes NAS Tips

Welcome to another edition of Ask TUAW, where we tackle your queries about various Apple-related issues. This time, we discuss topics ranging from peripheral sharing to backup solutions, NAS usage, and more. Don’t hesitate to submit your questions for our next session in the comments below. Please mention your specific device and the macOS version it runs on, unless it’s an Intel Mac with Snow Leopard, which we’ll assume by default.

Andrew asks

Is there a lightweight spreadsheet application similar to how TextEdit functions for text files? I’m looking for something that opens quickly, isn’t cluttered with too many features, yet supports basic formulas and cell operations.

Many users recommend using Google Docs for its simplicity and efficiency. If you’re looking for alternatives on Mac that aren’t as heavy as Numbers, you might find this overview from Musings from Mars useful.

However, sticking with Google Docs might be your best bet.

delphinus87 asks

I’m considering using a Time Machine and SuperDuper! backup system. I have an external USB drive the same size as my internal drive for SuperDuper!. Should I partition my internal drive for Time Machine use? What can I exclude from the Time Machine backup to save space?

It’s generally not advisable to partition your primary boot drive for backups. Instead, consider purchasing a larger external drive, partitioning it, and using one partition for a SuperDuper! clone and the other for Time Machine backups.

Kishen asks

Can I use my iMac’s wireless keyboard and mouse to control my MacBook Pro in Target Display Mode?

While I haven’t tested this setup myself, it should theoretically be possible. The iMac can run peripheral sharing software like teleport by Abyssoft, which lets you control another Mac on the same network.

Alternatively, SynergyKM is another option for cross-platform setups.

Ric asks

My iPhone 3GS shows 2.65 GB of free space, but I can’t update my large GPS app without deleting it first. Is there a better way to manage storage for updates?

Instead of deleting the app, try temporarily removing some media files from your iPhone, update the app, and then resync the media. This should prevent the loss of any app data or settings.

Joshua asks

I’m trying to compile the original TuxKart game on a PowerPC Mac running Tiger, but I’m encountering numerous errors. What could I be missing?

If you’re interested in the development process itself, more details on the errors would be needed. However, if you simply want to play the game, consider downloading the pre-compiled version from SourceForge.


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