Connect iPhone to Wireless Keyboard Using BTstack

Recently, a new development has emerged for those using jailbroken iPhones, specifically the iPhone 3G, 3GS, and second-generation iPod touch or newer models. A new package called BTStack Keyboard has been made available through Cydia for a price of US$5.00. This tool, which we have discussed previously, enables the use of a Bluetooth keyboard with these devices.

Since its inception, the iPhone has seen various attempts to enhance its functionality with external accessories. However, the official support for such accessories has been limited to those that connect via the universal dock connector or Bluetooth under the iPhone 3.0 framework.

The BTStack project, spearheaded by Matthias Ringwald, provides a more robust and open Bluetooth stack for those with jailbroken devices. This technology has even facilitated the connection between an iPhone and a Wii Remote via Bluetooth. To enable this functionality, users must first jailbreak their iPhone using tools like blackra1n.

Following the jailbreak, you can install the BTstack Keyboard package from Cydia. This package not only supports the basic keyboard functions like typing and using arrow keys but also integrates smoothly with most apps on your iPhone, allowing for text input in editable views and fields.

Additionally, it supports typing in web views. Setting up the keyboard is straightforward: ensure it’s not paired with other devices, unpair it if necessary from your Mac’s Bluetooth settings, and then pair it with your iPhone using the Keyboard app from the BTstack package. You’ll need to enter a 4-digit passcode shown on your iPhone to complete the pairing.

The performance of the keyboard with the iPhone is impressive, with no noticeable lag. While most keyboard functions are supported, the Caps Lock and function keys are not, and the Escape key is used to exit text input modes.

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