Quirky PowerCurl Review: Community-Designed Innovation

Previously, I’ve discussed Quirky on TUAW, highlighting their unique approach to product development through crowd-sourced ideas. This method not only fosters innovation but also rewards contributors financially based on product sales. One of their notable innovations is the PowerCurl, conceived by Jeff Scholen from Atlanta, GA.

The PowerCurl is a cleverly designed plastic bracket that encases the Apple MagSafe Power Adapter.

It allows for the tidy storage of both the long extension cord and the smaller power cable. This $14.99 device serves two main purposes: it keeps your cables organized and ensures your adapter stays cool by promoting better airflow. Quirky has made this available in three versions to accommodate the 45W, 60W, and 85W MagSafe Power Adapters.

In practical terms, the PowerCurl performs excellently.

Before using it, I often struggled with tangled cables in my computer bag. Now, with the PowerCurl, my MacBook Air’s power adapter and cables are neatly organized and more accessible. Plus, the adapter remains significantly cooler, thanks to not being in direct contact with heat-trapping surfaces.

The PowerCurl’s design is straightforward, effective, and visually appealing in its bright orange rubberized plastic.

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