CES Highlights: Latest Innovations in Clocks and Docks

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas has been bustling with new accessories for iPhone and iPod enthusiasts. Here are some highlights from the event:

  • iHome is showcasing a variety of audio systems and alarm clocks.

    The clocks are particularly interesting as they feature a sync button that automatically adjusts the time according to your iPhone or iPod, eliminating the need for manual setup.

  • Another interesting product from iHome includes a device designed for kitchen use, although it seems to maintain a consistent aesthetic with their other products.

  • Sharper Image introduces an innovative clock that integrates an iPhone app that displays the time on your device, encircled by a physical dock with numbers. They also offer a speaker dock that can fetch and display sports, news, and weather updates from a dedicated app on a separate LED screen.

  • FLO TV and Mophie are collaborating to introduce mobile TV capabilities to the iPhone this year.

  • Tunebug is demonstrating their new “surface sound” speakers, which can be attached to a bike helmet or similar surface, transforming it into a speaker that directs sound straight into your head.

It appears that this year’s CES is heavily focused on innovative audio solutions and time-keeping devices for Apple products.

While these offerings are impressive, they’re in line with the typical fare at CES—not everyone can unveil something as unique as an iPhone-controlled augmented reality helicopter. We’ll continue to monitor the event and update on any new developments related to iPod and iPhone accessories.


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