Shipping Delays for 27-inch iMac Extended by 3 Weeks

If you’ve recently placed an order for the impressive 27-inch iMacs via the Apple online store, you might have to wait a bit longer than expected for your new device. According to AppleInsider, the delivery of these models is now expected to take up to three weeks.

This is a significant increase from the previously estimated delivery time of under a week noted earlier this week on Apple’s website.

The postponement in shipping could be attributed to multiple reasons. Initially, some of the first customers to receive the 27-inch version reported screen flicker issues, leading to a delay of about two weeks for orders placed in December.

Although Apple issued a software patch on December 21st aimed at fixing these issues, the problem seems to persist for many users. This ongoing issue might be causing Apple to slow down their production rates until a more reliable solution is found.

Another factor that might be influencing the delayed availability, which wasn’t mentioned in the AppleInsider article, is the possibly increasing demand for the 27-inch model.


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