Apple Cybersquatter Removed from Twitter, @apple Still Unclaimed

Despite the vast array of businesses and individuals active on Twitter, the notable tech giant from Cupertino has remained notably absent from the bustling social media platform. While some might speculate that this silence could be a hint towards Apple developing its own platform similar to Twitter or perhaps even acquiring Twitter, it seems more plausible that they simply do not see the need to engage in frequent brief communications to maintain their presence.

Should Apple decide to step into the Twitter arena and start sharing updates with hundreds of millions of followers, they would be able to secure the @apple handle.

According to 9to5Mac, the username was previously occupied by a cybersquatter, but recently, the handle has been cleared, indicating that Twitter has taken action to remove the squatter. This move also suggests that attempts to register the handle under Apple’s name are being blocked.

Whether this development means Apple will soon be tweeting or if it’s merely Twitter showing courtesy to one of the most influential tech companies remains to be seen.

However, it’s reassuring to know that we won’t be encountering any impostor accounts posing as Apple in the near future.

[via Cult of Mac]


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