Apple Reimburses for Faulty 27-inch iMac Costs

According to a recent report by Gizmodo, Apple has initiated a program to compensate customers who purchased faulty 27-inch iMacs by refunding an additional 15% of the purchase price. This initiative was revealed following a statement from a UK-based Apple Authorized Service Provider/Reseller, which indicated a shortage of 27-inch iMac screens in Europe and a growing list of pending customer orders.

The compensation, which could amount to approximately $300 on a $2000 iMac, is being offered to a select group of customers as of now and is not yet a formal policy.

The refund is intended to cover not only the product cost but also associated expenses like sales tax and shipping, although the total does not allow for profit on the part of the customer. Apple aims to provide a modest financial relief for the inconvenience caused.

Furthermore, Apple has recently issued a new firmware update for the 27-inch iMac in an attempt to resolve the persistent screen flickering issues.

However, it appears that the problems have not been completely resolved by this update.


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