Explore Virtual Sitar App for iPhone Users

Recently, NPR shared an article about a new app that mimics the sounds of a sitar, a popular stringed instrument from India. Curious to see how it performs, we downloaded the app from the iTunes store.

For those familiar with playing the sitar, the app offers a decent simulation, featuring virtual strings that can be strummed and notes that are clearly marked. However, for beginners hoping to learn the instrument, the app falls short, providing only a single instructional page and some external video links.

The overall quality of the app is somewhat disappointing.

A significant portion of the interface is dedicated to a gimmicky one-hit sitar sound, and often, tapping different strings produces the same note, suggesting glitches in the app’s sound files. While I’m not a sitar player myself (though I do play guitar), my attempts to use the app correctly were futile.


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