CarMD at Macworld 2010: Diagnose Car Issues Easily

For car owners of all stripes, from the mechanically savvy to the everyday driver, there’s a nifty gadget that could simplify your auto care routine. CarMD is designed to pinpoint problems with your vehicle and provide solutions, all with the assistance of your Mac.

Every car sold in the US since 1996 comes equipped with a uniform diagnostic port, usually located under the dashboard near the driver’s side (a chart tells you where to find it on your car). This port is what your mechanic uses to check the car during inspections or diagnostics.

CarMD utilizes this port as well. Simply connect the device, switch it on, and within seconds, one of its three colored lights will illuminate. A green light indicates everything is in order, yellow warns of a potential issue, and red alerts you to a problem requiring immediate attention.

After the initial diagnosis, you remove CarMD from your vehicle and connect it to your Mac via USB.

It then directs you to a browser-based service that details the diagnosed issues and suggests how to proceed. It’s impressively straightforward.

For minor issues, like a loose gas cap which could activate your check engine light, this device could save a trip to the mechanic. For more complex problems, it provides a detailed diagnosis that you can take to your mechanic, potentially reducing the cost of labor.


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