Macworld 2010 Highlights: Fastmac USB Wall Outlet

While I didn’t make it to Macworld in San Francisco due to the prohibitive costs of crossing the largest ocean on the planet, I’ve been closely monitoring the exciting product launches from afar. Among the various innovations, nothing truly grabbed my attention until I stumbled upon a groundbreaking product from Fastmac.

The company has introduced the U-Socket, an innovative power outlet designed to replace traditional home outlets.

What sets it apart is its dual USB ports, seamlessly integrated into the outlet for easy access.

Like many, my home is filled with devices that require USB charging—everything from iPhones to PS3 controllers. Normally, these devices compete for the limited USB ports on my MacBook Pro, or require bulky adapters that consume precious space on power strips.

The U-Socket offers a simple, elegant solution by allowing devices to plug directly into the wall. Priced at just $19.95 for pre-order, it’s a steal compared to Apple’s $29 USB charger, and is expected to start shipping in the first quarter of this year.

Installing the U-Socket is not particularly challenging, and I would certainly consider replacing all the outlets in my home if I owned it.


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